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15 hours ago

Brookielynn's Bungalow
Raise your hand if what people see on the exterior isn’t what’s happening on the inside?Raise your hand if you are smiling to hide fears, self-doubt, burn out and disappointment?Our pastor said, the gap between your dreams and reality is called disappointment. He said the gap filler is faith.I’ve found myself saying thanks for the tiniest of things lately because the big dreams for the first time in my life feel unattainable right now.My brain hurts to dream and my body feels like it’s going on without me. You know… like when a chicken runs around without their head? That feels like me.I’ve lost true north in business for a sec.I know it won’t last, but still.Things beyond my control have just slapped me around left and right and I’m like what in the actual Hell is wrong with everything?My instinct says to put your head down, work hard and start with what you have because what you have is plenty.It’s the trench when you find your inner strength, and it’s like finding money in your sweats from last winter.We are all meant for our individual struggles right now. God gave you the shoulders for it. One of my favorite things to say to myself is this…You can count on change.If it’s great, you better enjoy it damn it because something will go wrong eventually and it’ll change.If it’s bad, you better get ready, because a break will come your way and it’s gonna get better.Makes you appreciate and it makes you have faith.If you’re in the gap right now…Have faith.Things are gonna change.Love you.Mean it.📸 @livebeautifullyphotography #faithoverfear #faith #faithquotes #faithstrong #liveyourbestlife #changeyourmindset #change #changeyourthoughts #theraildistrict #fallpumpkins #fallhometour #fall4cb #bigdecorinspo #cottagesandbungalows #southernliving #countryliving #friscotexas #friscotx #theraildistrictfriscotx #porchdecor #fallporchdecor #growthmindset #takeabreak #thegap #realityvsinstagram ... See MoreSee Less
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