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6 hours ago

Brookielynn's Bungalow
Nothing is more beautiful than the feeling of freedom when you go all in on who you are and not what the world tells you to be. ❤️Step-by-step instructions on how I discovered who I was through junkin’…1. Go to the thrift store.2. Scan for things that caught my eye.3. Brought them home and found a spot for them.4. Repeat forever moreSlap yourself if you say any of the following…1. Where would I put that?2. My husband will hate it.3. Do I really need that? (Of course you don’t, but do you really neeeed tacos? No. And you still get them.)4. Nothing in my house goes with this. (Look at my picture — does anything match?) 5. It’s gonna take forever to find a collection. Yes, yes it will, BUT start now anyway.I don’t care if you collect poop emojis. You do you boo. Life’s better all around when you stop being a square peg in someone else’s round hole. 🤣 ... See MoreSee Less
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