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I love helping people in direct sales.

The difference between what most direct sales reps do to market their business and what I teach them to do is so 180 that it’s a very noticeable.

I love BIG, impactful, meaningful change.
Don’t you?

All y’all are sharing the same images.
...on the same platforms
...usually on the same day
...about the same sale
...and sometimes without even tweaking the suggested post.


I see this every. damn. DAY.

I know... you know you need to post and you figure the company MUUUUST know what they’re doing, so you share what they give you, but here’s the deal...

They have to give y’all something so that you post something because the majority of direct sales people don’t know their ass from apple butter when it comes to marketing a business, so your company figures something is better than nothing, but...

here’s the deal.

YOU STAND OUT by not fitting in.

people buy relationships and stories NOT products and services.

Make friends and you’ll make sales.

Let me show you HOW to do this on August 10 in my signature course. It’s 2 hours. It’s $97, and it’s a effing game changer.

“Brooklyn is seriously the nicest person on the planet! She is full of love, energy, so much knowledge, inspiration, joy, good jokes and laughter! If you even get to meet her for a single moment it will impact your life significantly! ...her social media marketing classes have given me the tools to be successful with my online presence! ❤️” -Sydney Booth Boutique Salon

No more blending in y’all. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Time to make friends and sales.
Sign up here. 👉🏻

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